About Us

FastTrack Properties is a real estate investment company founded in 2016 that acquires land sites for residential, commercial or industrial development, and vacant retail sites for repositioning. The company’s focus is on the Southwest, Rocky Mountains, and Pacific regions of the United States, and it currently manages a portfolio of 20+ properties.

As the name suggests, FastTrack Properties is committed to working fast for the convenience of brokers and sellers. The company is a believer in the notion that “working fast equals learning fast”, and its goal is to quickly identify undervalued properties and take advantage of market opportunities.

FastTrack Properties targets properties that require adept project management skills, and that are located in markets with growth potential. The company has a competitive edge in that it acquires sites that might be too small for major firms, enabling it to identify deals that others may overlook. The deal size range is between $50k to $2MM.

FastTrack Properties has a solid financial backing from a closed fund, which mainly includes funds from workers in the tech industry via its founder’s connections over the decade he spent in Silicon Valley. This backing has allowed the company to acquire and manage properties successfully and create value for its investors.

Our Tenants